This story is intense and enormously absorbing. Kate and Henry are the most amazing couple I’ve ever read about. Henry’s deep affection for Kate is so touching. You can’t help but be brought to tears as you read of the pains and struggles Kate faces--physically and emotionally. One thing that touched me on a personal level was her relationship with her father. It hits close to home and I wish I could have that same ending Kate had. I found myself sobbing in happiness over the joy of her father’s epiphany. I also hope to find a love like Kate and Henry's--powerful and timeless--someday.

Cindy C. Bennett has definitely hit the mark when it comes to story telling. Her words evoke the depth of the character’s feelings. Heart On A Chain has become one of the best books I have ever read.

My Rating:

Exceptional...Stay up until at least 1 AM

~Jessica of